TANABATA :Tropical paradise right in the center of Southeast Asia

Malaysia is located on an 8-hour meridian compared to GMT and is 16 hours before Pacific time. The climate is warm and humid throughout the year, often without severe climate change from natural disasters. The temperature is usually around 30 ° C during the day and 30 ° C at night. Light clothing, cool cotton and not too sophisticated are the right dress for the year.


Malaysia is an intersection of cuisine and culture, and racial diversity has given this country a diverse and engaging cuisine. You can easily enjoy Malaysian, Chinese and Indian dishes at affordable prices in many restaurants and casual or Western restaurants at relatively popular fast-food outlets. thick. In addition, there are other special dishes such as Middle East or Thailand. Malaysia is truly famous as a “culinary paradise of Asia”.

At the same time, Malaysia is like a colorful party. Different ethnic groups express their own traditions through festivals, music, dances and cultural identities. Although Bahasa Melayu is the national language, other ethnic groups occasionally use their own language. English is the second language in Malaysia, widely used in higher education centers, schools, in daily life or in commercial transactions.

In a country bustling and hustling now, people always need places to entertain, relax, reduce stress after a day of work tired. Therefore, where the place has been growing up the amusement as well as many entertainment services. Especially the tourists or foreigners working in Singapore they also need places to have fun, reduce stress. Our tanabata bar was born to serve one of those needs, with the hope of bringing joy, laughter and dispelling the tensions of everyday life and work. Tanabata serves Japanese style, gentle, deep, bustling, quiet. TANABATA believes that it will bring you a new style and fun.

With 17 bars and 50 pubs expected by the end of 2017 and 100 at the end of 2018, the Tanabata brand increasingly affirms its position with the first Japanese bar business model in Vietnam , Cambodia.Singapore, Myanmar , Taiwan, Thailand,Malaysia,

10 reasons why Tanabata Bar is always at the forefront of the Japanese bar system in Vietnam and South East Asia:

From the moment you step into Tanabata Bar, you will be immediately impressed with luxury, fashion style and professional service. Here, guests will feel the Western-style open-air by way of seating with high chairs and rows of comfortable bars, but also suited to the Vietnamese. In addition, with sound systems, high-tech lighting, wall decorations and witty adjectives contribute to creating a Tanabata that is Japanese-Japanese.

1. Pioneering Japanese leisure bar model

2. Tanabata Bar throughout Southeast Asia

3.The combination of modern and traditional

4. Do not stop innovation

5. Impressive entertainment space

6. Enrich the top wines

7. Bartender team professional

8. Professional service attitude

9. Modern music

10. Reasonable price, various promotions

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